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Friday, 19 April, 2019
Gunite Hose Used in Concrete Construction Industry  - Real Estate / Other Gunite Hose with Steel Wires and Polyester Cords Reinforcement Gunite Hose is widely used in
concrete construction industry, such as concrete repair, mining reinforcement, swimming pool
construction, ground stabilization and decorative concrete. Gunite h...
Reducing Concrete Pump Hose for Concrete Delivery  - Real Estate / Other Reducing Concrete Pump Hose with Smooth Concrete Flow We provide our customers with complete
concrete pump hoses, including steel wire reinforced concrete pump hose, fabric reinforced concrete
placement hose and gunite hose. Besides, we supply reducing c...
Fabric Reinforced Concrete Hose with Cord Reinforcement  - Real Estate / Other Fabric Reinforced Concrete Pump Hose, also called fabric reinforced concrete placement hose, is also
widely used in many large concrete projects, such as buildings, large dams and swimming pools. The
structure of fabric reinforced concrete pump hose is th...