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Friday, 26 July, 2019
Title 2: Virtual Help Desk Assistants for only $5 per hour. (United Kingdom, Las Vegas) Great customer service is essential for all businesses of all sizes. Whilst the sole trader is able
to attend to his/her customers personally, as a business gets larger it gets harder and expensive to
maintain great customer service. To reduce all these...
Sunday, 05 May, 2019
Sarkis Khoury (Riverside, CA, Los Angeles) Sarkis Khoury is a professor and author, holds a Ph.D. in International Finance from the Wharton
School, University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Joseph Sarkis Khoury, who has authored or edited 23 books
and monographs on a wide variety of financial and economic ...
Saturday, 20 April, 2019
Glenn Green Spring TX (Spring, TX, Dallas) Glenn Green on Wearable Medical Technology in Spring, TX. Heart rate monitor. Blood pressure.
Temperature and more. A wearable device is often used for tracking a wearer's vital signs or health
and fitness related data, location, etc. Medical wearables wi...